Digital Development

At MFB this is a mindset. It is a continuous project. It is the crucial factor for sustainability and future viability covered by mobile, front and backend development.

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At MFB we never stop developing new solutions using the latest technologies. This helps us shape our know-how and stay aware of new possibilities.

We have multiple examples of end-to-end solutions combining mobile, sensors, front and backend.

Digital Development, not transformation.

Each company has its own specific requirements and objectives and can fulfil its own digital development. Important drivers for achieving this are data (Big Data analytics), algorithms (machine learning), technology and mindset.

We invest in know-how and continuous learning in mobile, IoT, Front & backend development. Work with MFB and we will put all our adquired know-how to work for your project. For sure we will learn also new things on the way.

In 2014, when Marc Farssac was prototyping his SnoreWare, Sleep Data Analysis Startup he mingled with all the needed technologies. A year latter, was awarded by Samsung with the Snorek App for Wearables. In this case there was no backend, but a solution working at the mobile phone and at the wareable. You can watch the videos here

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