Internet of Things

Architecture and development of end-to-end solutions to collect and display remote IoT sensor data in a mobile Application

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From the remote sensor to the Mobile App

The University studies in Telecommunications Engineering provide knowledge of electronics, software develoopment and all the maths needed to encode and digitally processes signals.

This background and my technical skills and interests provide me with a wide understanding and know-how of IoT solutions and projects. Is in this sense, that after doing mobile development and their backends for years, I extended my practice to the IoT solutions, programming the embeded software and the end-to-end solution, from the sensor to the mobile App.

All my solutions are backed up by code revision control and best practices in release management using different branching models in accordance with the needs of each project.

Below you'll find more detailed information about the different solutions that I have develoved. The architecture overivew from the sensor to the Cloud and from the Cloud to the Mobile App are also found below.

Architecture of an IoT solution with a Gateway running on an Android Things device and the Google Cloud Data Analytics and usage composing modules

IoT Projects & Videos

C Firmware on a TI MCU3220

NB-IoT / LTE-M sensor reading from a Web FrontEnd and an Android App

IoT BLE Sensor readings with Realtime Android Client App

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Leverage from experience and know-how to quickly come up to speed

  • Android Development best practices and tools
  • Modern Android Development
  • End to end, from the IoT Sensor to the Mobile terminal
  • Cloud Backend
  • Release and Rollout Management
  • Skills, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Multiple industries
  • International and remote

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