Snorek listens to you at night, monitors the time when you snored and it warns you by making vibrate your Gear2. Two modes are possible: fixed and smart.

The smart warning increases the vibration duration until you quit snoring. If after being warned you keep snoring, a longer vibration will be made. Once you stop, this value will be used for future snores.

You can check your statistics on the history menu of your Gear2. They are organized per day and you can see how long you slept, how many times you snored and the type of warning used. With some time you can find the settings that better work for you.

Gently push the screen of your Smartphone Samsung Galaxy to fade out or fade in the screen. Since at night you don't want to watch it, you can make it go black. Only the Snorek icon will be shown on the upper left hand side of your Smartphone.

In case that at night you want to stop receiving vibrations, you can just push the screen to stop it. Nevertheless your Smartphone will continue to monitor your sleep and you can check your snoring results on it on the day after.

Remember that your Smartphone is listening to you and then sending the vibration to your Gear2. Place your Phone not too far away from you, since it needs to listen to you.

Sleep App comes in two flavours. The free version detects snoring but won't warn you. It is aimed to a first screening and you can check how often and when you snored. The paid version works with the smartWatch as described above.

The professional version detects sounds resembling sleep apneas, compares your snoring sounds with those of passt nights stored in the cloud and avoids by warning you, those that most likely produced a sleep apnea.

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