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This project consisted in the backend to communicate mobile applications using push notifications.

One App plays both roles, as a passanger and as a driver depending on the user login.

The flow starts by registering the user in the backend as a passenger or as a driver. Then, when a passenger requests a Taxi, the backend delivers a push notification to all drivers that are not currently driving a passenger.

That App counts with a state diagram that allows each of the Apps to display the proper UI or react to incoming notifications.

Important blocks of this Architecture are:

  • - The GCM Connection Server accepting downstram messages from the App server (runing on Google App Engine and programmed in Java) and sending them to the Android client (acting as a driver and passenger based on their email)

  • - The App Server implements the XMPP protocol to communicate with the GCM connection server.

  • -The Client App (Android) is a GCM-enabled client.
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    This communications system was developed in April 2016 for a Swiss customer.

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