Android Development and Mobile Backends on the Cloud, Embedded software to communicate IoT devices with the Cloud, Dashboards to display analysed digital data from remote sensors.

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Technologies, part of the Enterprise Architecture.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Sensor reading from mobile Apps
Release Management

Release Management

GitFlow, Versions, Tags, deployment.
Android Development

Android Development

26 Apps on Google Play
Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Digital Signal Processing, plotting & analysis
Mobile Backend

Mobile Backend

Google PaaS, AppEngine, Firebase


Software and product quality.


Are part of the Enterprise Architecture collaborating amongst a wide group of stakeholders.


Android Architecture & Development

Mobile applications are now integral part of every enterprise solution.

Mobile Apps are what users install and hide a complex design and development of the App Frontend or UX, the backend, the testing, release, deployment, monetization and continuous improvement.


Backend architecture & development

Backend services and API's are key when choosing the platform of your enterprise solution

Choosing the right backend will dramatically reduce your integration, development and maintenance costs as well as increase the performance and overall quality of your teams.

MFB developed and end to end project with a backend that escalates with user needs both on the mobile clients and on the front end.

In 2014 Google awarded the SnoreWare project with the Google Startup Pack, worth $20.000 used towards Cloud Computing & support, discussing architecture questions with their Consultants.


Release & deployment Management

Continuous Delivery Benefits Individual Projects

Continuous Delivery Management (CDM) is a new approach to release management that provides both transparency and a governance structure to manage continuous delivery across a large software enterprise.

The process requires appropriate enterprise culture and resources both technical and human, not to mention the training and best practice of the organisation, including management and developers.


Sensor readings on the cloud - IoT

Internet of Things means to access sensors located in remote locations directly from the Cloud, from the Backend, either to update their firmware, to change their trigger settings or to read their values.

Having the understanding and development experience from end to end developments, from the sensor to the mobile devices is key to an enterprise architecture.

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Leverage from experience and know-how to quickly come up to speed

  • Android Development best practices and tools
  • Modern Android Development
  • End to end, from the IoT Sensor to the Mobile terminal
  • Cloud Backend
  • Release and Rollout Management
  • Skills, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Multiple industries
  • International and remote

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