A video is worth a thousand words

Below you'll find some of Marc Farssac's projects documented in videos. They are not commercial videos, rather support the code in Gitlab and GitHub and the written explanations. Get in touch to know more.

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NB-IoT / LTE-M sensor reading from a Web FrontEnd and an Android App

This video shows a software and hardware open source IoT project with an integrated Linux based processor configured with the Legato Application framework.

v 0.6 (Summary) -IoT ADC calibration with C Firmware on a TI MCU3220

This video is a summary and belongs to a "Mobile and IoT project", composed of an Android Things module (Gateway) for BLE sensors that uploads telemetry values to the Cloud, an Android Application.

v 0.5 - IoT BLE Sensor readings with Realtime Android Client App

In this project I am using a SOM (System on Module) that runs the Android Things operating System. This SOM is part of this commercial hardware which additionally has network, usb and video ports.

GCM Connection Server, Android client and XMPP bidirectional communication

This is a Taxi App Demo implementing push notifications down and upstream using a Google Cloud Messaging Cloud Connection Server and an App Server (Google App Engine) using XMPP and an Android Client acting as a driver and passenger.

Snorek (Samsung Gear 2 Challenge Winner)

Snorek monitors your sleep and snoring. It can warn you when you snore by vibrating your Gear2. Two modes are possible: fixed and smart. It monitors the number of times you snored and the total time. Check your results on successive nights.

Wearable' movements sensor data sent to mobile & displayed in Web FrontEnd

Snorek Sleep App is an Android App that detects and warns you when you are snoring. SnoreWare extends the possibilities of SleepApp by leting you upload your results to the Cloud and analyse them afterwards or remotely.

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