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Design, prototype, develop, test, publish, release & maintenance using Modern Android Development (MAD).

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The "Modern Android Development" score was launched by Google on December 15th 2020 to measure developers modern programming skills in Android. Marc Farssac #MADScore on December 2020 is found here and in the below images.

Modern Android Development

MFB has been involved in Android Development since December 2012. The first App was launched in August 2013 and was installed 15.000 times in a year without paid advertising.

Clean Architecture and code. MVVM, Architecture Components, Dependency Injection with Koin and Hilt, multi module, multi-flavour gradle builds. Participation in daily standups and communication of project progress.

Below you will find links to the four types of Apps developed, Apps for IoT, an App to Share culture, Snorek App and a Taxi App (core).

Articles related to Android Development

Articles coming soon

  • Multimodule Apps with LiveData
  • Koin vs. Dager Hilt - Lessons learnt
  • Dependency injection and Data Binding
  • Multiple variants in one build
  • Multiple Navigation Maps in one App
  • Interfaces from different modules
  • Separation of concerns - MVVM & LiveData
  • GitFlow branching model in Android Apps

* These articles will cover important topics applied during the 700 hours I worked from May untill October 2020 for Roche Diagnostics

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